12 Ways to use Sticky Balsamic that is NOT salad 😊

12 Ways to use Sticky Balsamic that is NOT salad 😊

Sticky Balsamic is not just for salads 😉

Italians use it with pretty much everything and with that delicious, sweet tartness of balsamic, why wouldn’t you want to, too? It’s so much more than an addition to your salad… check out some ways to use your Sticky Balsamic that are NOT for salad 🙌🏻

Make a Sauce

With its sweet tartness, Sticky Balsamic added to a sauce elevates it with a new stunning flavour. Add a tablespoon or two for an instant lift to your sauce. Here’s one suggestion - Classic Tomato Sauce

Elevate Your Pizza

Pizza is divine, especially one made with fresh ingredients. It’s simple and everyone loves it ❤️ The next time you have pizza, drizzle a little Sticky Balsamic over the top for an instant taste sensation! Or try scattering some Sticky Balsamic Pearls with your favourite pizza. You’ll wonder why you haven’t tried this before 😊 - Sticky Balsamic Pizza

Pizza with Sticky Balsamic

With a Cheese or Charcuterie Platter

Who loves a cheese or charcuterie platter? We do! Up your game by including a small bowl of Sticky Balsamic and Sticky Balsamic Pearls. It will not only add an incredible flavour but also make your presentation even more stunning. 

Ice Cream

“Sticky Balsamic and Ice Cream?” I hear you ask. Yes! Absolutely! The stunning sweet tartness is perfect to use with ice cream. Here’s a brownie recipe with ice cream that we just LOVE ❤️


We have recently rediscovered overnight oats which is the perfect busy-person’s breakfast. Prepare a few, grab out of the fridge in the morning, add your favourite topping and add some Sticky Balsamic or Sticky Balsamic Pearls for an incredible flavour that’s you’ll love! Try a breakfast Chia bowl as well!

Add to Drinks

No matter whether your drink is a mocktail or a little more cheeky, adding some Sticky Balsamic will make it taste more special! So quick and easy, you’ll love it and keep going back for more!

Cooked Fruit

Yes! Cooking fruit in Sticky Balsamic makes it go to the next level! It’s so easy and everyone will love it. The acidity of the balsamic will bring out those sweet notes of the fruit like you won’t believe. Simply add some Sticky Balsamic while cooking and garnish with it or some Sticky Balsamic Pearls. Delicious! Here's a quick, easy and delicious breakfast recipe with cooked fruit.

Add to Soup 

Any time of the year, Sticky Balsamic can be added to soup. One of our favourites is Roast Cauliflower Soup or minestrone. Try it out - you’ll love it!

A Gravy Substitute

Meats and vegetables taste so much better with Sticky Balsamic! Simply drizzle some over after plating up, or scatter some pearls for that delightful flavour burst! You’ll wonder why you didn’t try this before 🤤


A simple appetiser you can easily make at home - cut some fresh, crusty sourdough, add some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sticky Balsamic to a bowl, and have another with some Dukkah and voila - you have a delightfully tasty appetiser! Simply dip the bread in the olive oil - Sticky Balsamic mix, then in the dukkah.

Roasting Vegetables

It’s so easy to roast veggies with Sticky Balsamic to give them that extra sweetness. Sticky Balsamic makes it even more delicious - you can either roast your veggies in Sticky Balsamic or drizzle over afterwards (we do both!). Try adding some Sticky Balsamic Pearls too 👍🏼

With Pasta

Yes. Simply yes! Everyone lives pasta, right? Sticky Balsamic pairs perfectly with so many pasta dishes, from bolognaise to prawns, vegetarian to a slow cooked ragu or casserole. Use some Sticky Balsamic while cooking and add some Sticky Balsamic pearls for that final sophistication and flavour burst. 

there are endless ways to use Sticky Balsamic in your cooking to make your food that is not salad taste even better, easily - check out the recipes online for more food-spiration!

Pasta with Sticky Balsamic

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