Pear Sticky Balsamic

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Sticky Balsamic Pear is the cheese accompaniment you need in your pantry! Fabulous as a salad or vegetable dressing or use with meat, and gluten free and dairy free to boot!

And with the Love It Guarantee, you're in great hands! So what are you waiting for?

Size: 250ml

Vegan and Gluten Free

  • Wow your family and friends with amazing dishes
  • Instantly elevates your cuisine with just a splash
  • Australia’s most awarded balsamic varieties

A beautiful 250ml glass bottle, perfect to leave on display in the kitchen (never in the fridge!)

Your friends and family will think you're awesome when you introduce them to this delicious flavour.

Customer Reviews

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Jenna Prest
Pear sticky balsamic

The best of the best, my favourite

It's so good, isn't it! One of our favourite ways to have this one is to dip strawberries in it. Delicious!

Kiley Hamad
I’m in love with this pear sticky balsamic dressing

My husband dislikes balsamic dressing but really enjoys pear sticky balsamic. He even asked me to purchase a couple of extra bottles !

That's amazing! So pleased we converted your husband! We do tend to do this :)
Hopefully his eyes have been opened to a whole new world of flavour! The pear is delicious, one simple way to use it is to dip strawberries in it... it's an incredible taste sensation!

Beckie Pearson Campbell
Sticky Delicious & YUM

Soo soo DELICIOUS …I drizzled Pear Balsamic on a leg of LAMB that I scored and baked ‼️OMG

That sounds absolutely delicious! Thanks so much for sharing your love for Sticky Balsamic!

Vanessa Lushey
Best Ever

Purchased pearls, dukkah, and Oear balsamic, absolutely delicious 😋

Thanks so much for your review! So pleased you love them!

Sherylene Lingen

The Pear Balsamic is Delicious! A must try. It will be a staple in my fridge from now on. Beautiful on eye fillet and also with cheese.