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Is representing Sticky Balsamic at events and markets the answer to your dreams? Realise all the benefits of working with an incredible award winning brand with a very loyal following.

So... you're interested in working with Sticky Balsamic?

We're so happy you're here!

As you would know, Sticky Balsamic is Australia's most awarded balsamic maker, and has the newest molecular gastronomy sensation, Sticky Balsamic Pearls.

Our more than 11,500 social media fans will attest to how good the products are.

The opportunity here is for you - work when you want, where you want with no lock in contracts, and the profit you make is all yours!

We will guide and support you through the process and help you decide where you spend your time.

You can keep your day job, too!

So check out the FAQs, then scroll down, fill in your info, click "SEND NOW" and let's get this party started!

The nitty gritty...


What do I need?

A car. One which can fit a marquee, trestle tables and stock (usually a small SUV or hatchback)
Drive to succeed.
A happy attitude.
Public liability insurance and any relevant council registrations.
Stock (this is part of the initial setup cost, and you'll need more too!)
A way to accept money (such as Square, Tyro...)

What's the process?

1. Complete the form below
2. Have a chat with us (usually happens within a couple of days)
3. Get all the relevant things (ABN, Insurance, Council registrations, EFTPOS etc.)
4. Sign documents (and no lock in contracts - HOORAY!)
5. Buy stock and one-off things (like tables, promo materials, weights etc).
6. Do training with us (online or in person)
7. Apply for the events you want to do
8. The world is now yours!

How much is my initial setup?

We provide a lot of the initial stock and other things you will need. Some you'll have to buy yourself. The things that we provide include:
1. Stock
2. Promotional materials
3. Branded materials (such as tablecloth)
4. Other branded information (such as bags and gift boxes)
5. Marquee
6. Table
7. Weights
8. Wooden stirrers (for tastings)
9. Eftpos terminal (such as Square)

What kind of money can I make by doing this?

There are so many things to consider when an opportunity like this presents itself. The weather, how popular an event is, the products you are selling... during the initial chat, we'll discuss what events are typically the most lucrative and we will definitely provide guidance around this. We want you to be super-successful at this!

When can I start?

As soon as you are approved! So get to it - contact us by the form below, we'll have a chat! Once this has happened and you have your insurance, the right car, all of the goodies from us as well as relevant council registrations, you're good to book events to your heart's content!

Who books the events?

You have full control over when you work and which events you do. We can definitely provide guidance around what would be best for you to make the most money.

I'm not an Aussie Citizen, can I still do this?

Yes you can! All you need is an ABN and to comply with whatever requirements you have with your stay here.

I already do markets and events, can I add Sticky Balsamic to my range?

Absolutely! If you already know what you are doing then enjoy the additional benefits of selling Sticky Balsamic too!

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