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Sticky Balsamic Original Pearls have that incredibly delicious pop of flavour you didn’t know you were missing! These balsamic pearls have that delicious flavour you love and adore, with a wonderful tart flavour burst experience. The liquid in the jar is also able to be used too!

Try a spoonful on top of some red meat, with a salad, with dessert, in a cheeky drink, with breakfast, pizza, pasta or risotto. Be creative and try with everything!

Sticky Balsamic Original Pearls make your food look amazing, and taste even better!

We make them in small batches and so each batch is different. They may be larger or smaller than the photos but they will still be delicious!

And with the Love It Guarantee, you're in great hands! So what are you waiting for?

110g, glass jar
Gluten Free & Vegan


Australian Balsamic Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Water, Concentrated Grape Must, Food Acid (327), Color (150d), Thickener (415 and 401), Potassium Sorbate (202) 

  • Wow your family and friends with amazing dishes
  • Instantly elevates your cuisine with just a few as a garnish

A beautiful 110g net glass jar, perfect to use for every occasion!

Your friends and family will think you're awesome when you introduce them to this delicious flavour burst.

Customer Reviews

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Linda Laidlaw

Yumm. Love the spoons.

So pleased you love them! And the spoon is so great isn't it! If you have a chance, please tag us #stickybalsamic in your food so we can see what you make!

Tanya Mcguirk
A Burst of Flavor in Every Bite

If you're looking to elevate your culinary game or make a simple salad burst with flavour, look no further than Sticky Balsamic Original Pearls. These tiny bursts of flavor are a game-changer for my dishes.

With each pearl delivering an explosion of delicious balsamic goodness, I found myself wondering how I ever cooked without them. The tart flavor burst is a delightful surprise, adding depth and complexity to every bite.

The versatility of Sticky Balsamic Original Pearls is perfect. Whether you're topping off a juicy steak, dressing a fresh salad, enhancing a dessert, or even experimenting with cocktails, these pearls are the perfect accompaniment. Breakfast, lunch, dinner - there's no limit to where these pearls can shine.

And with the added assurance of the Love It Guarantee, you can dive into your kitchen adventures with confidence. Don't wait any longer to transform your meals from ordinary to extraordinary with Sticky Balsamic Original Pearls.

Thanks so much for your stunning review, Tanya! Love it! So pleased they have added to your food so much! We love experimenting with how to use them too... there are so many ways! Please share photos of your food as we'd all love to see how you use them #stickybalsamic

luv 'em!!!

They're great little things, i just sprinkle them on all sorts of stuff; vegetarian so they really make veggies taste good.

Thanks so much for your review! Glad you love them - they really make everything taste even better, don't they!


Nice consistency, sweeter than most balsamic vinegars I've tried. Nice on salad and brioche

Thanks for your review! Glad you love it! If you have a chance, please share a photo or two as we'd love to see your food #stickybalsamic

Angela Patch

Love love these,put them with everything I can! Also bought the pomegranate ones and goes so well with salmon or duck 🥰

That is amazing! Thanks so much for your wonderful support! If you have a chance, please feel free to share pics of your delicious food so we can all see #stickybalsamic