Seared Tuna with Sticky Balsamic Pearls

Seared Tuna with Sticky Balsamic Pearls

Tuna is just delicious, and here's a simple recipe using Sticky Balsamic Pearls to up your presentation and flavour game!

Your favourite salad
Sticky Balsamic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
Sticky Balsamic Lemon Pearls or Sticky Balsamic Premium Pomegranate Pearls
Good quality tuna from your local fishmonger (125g per serve)
Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Heat a thick bottomed pan or skillet until it is hot. Add the EVOO.
2. While the pan is heating, pat the tuna dry.
3. Season with salt & pepper all over.
4. When the pan is hot, place carefully in the pan and sear each side until it is golden (depending on the heat of your pan, between 45-90 seconds). A hot pan is key to this!
5. When seared on all sides, plate with your salad, and add your favourite Sticky Balsamic Pearls

You could have this as a simple entree, with a poke bowl or even on top of a salad for a take on this healthy meal. Such a versatile dish!

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