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10 / 10

Sticky Balsamic is delicious on salads and vegetables for all meals it's really versatile.

Janice St V.
10 / 10

Everything goes better with your selection of Sticky Balsamic flavours

Sue S.
10 / 10

Fantastic quality distinctive differentation of flavours and reasonable price.

Don H.
10 / 10

You can put it on anything! Great on roasted vegetables and even ice cream or baked figs and rhubard. We like the slightly sweet 'Sticky' aspect and there's just enough variation in the flavours to keep us happy with a mixed box of four.

Andrew M.
10 / 10

It adds beautiful flavour to all my salads and it has gotten my children to eat salad. Without it in the salad. The children won't eat it.

Melinda S.
10 / 10

The Sticky Balsamic flavours loving the fig and truffle, also have lemon and pear which I haven't tried yet. You can throw them on a cold or warm salad, in marinades and stir fry's drizzled over pasta dishes... The possibilities are endless! They lift and enhance the flavour of anything it is added to.

Rachel K.
10 / 10

Sticky Balsamic takes the recipes to te next level, lifting the food with the smooth flavour.

Malene F.
10 / 10

I buy it for my son and he drinks it straight from the bottle. He also turns it into salad dressing and pours it on his steak. He loves it on anything.

Dianne W.
10 / 10

It's so versatile and makes ordinary food taste special.

Susan C.
10 / 10

Easy answer - it has no equal! It adds something special to everything you use it with, in or on. My household cannot be without Sticky Balsamic anymore!

Saskia J.
10 / 10

Just absolutely love the flavour. Can turn an ordinary meal into something special. Can't live without it!

Gary T.
10 / 10

It is one of a kind. You just can't match the flavours with any other product. The pear is my favourite but I also can't go past the pomegranate. It adds a wow factor to any dish with a real flavour explosion. Delicious.

Natasha H.
10 / 10

I have been trying to find restaurant quality Balsamic vinegar for years. I have now found it and you should get some asap.

Peter D.
10 / 10

It's just simply delicious... Full of flavour! Such a quality product.

Wendy B
10 / 10

We've been getting creative in lockdown and Sticky Balsamic is incorporated into breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's soooo good on bacon and eggs and no salad is complete without it. We're trying it on ice cream next

Emily M.
10 / 10

I absolutely love Sticky Balsamic! Love it on a salad or with sourdough. Can't live without it!

Alexandra F.
10 / 10

Great variety, taste and customer service.

Alison S.
10 / 10

It just takes every meal up a notch! Avo on toast, salads, salmon dishes, frittatas and pastas. The flavour hit is the bomb.

Karen K.
10 / 10

Such a special, unique product. Sticky Balsamic lights up my cheese board every time! XXX

Rachel P.
10 / 10

Sticky Balsamic is a range of high quality products which are top shelf in taste!

Phillip N.
10 / 10

Love it to add instant excitement to any dish from humble fritters to a yummy salad.

Nicole N.
10 / 10

Such amazing flavours! Super quality!

Lee J.
10 / 10

Amazing and affodable exquuisite products! and impeccable customer service.

Della R.
10 / 10

I like the variety of flavours, especially the fruit based ones - there's something that goes well with and enhances almost every meal you could create. I enjoy the lively responses from the team when I put in an order. I recently bought some Sticky Balsamic as a gift for my elderly aunt - she loved the humour in the card as much as the taste of the quinces (something she grew up with but which are rarely seen these days).

Pamela B. B.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Recommendations (via Facebook):

“After sampling Sticky balsamic at the Royal Melbourne Show 2019 - bought four different flavours. They enhance the meals and I would never go back to normal balsamic. Love the sticky flavours. Have just bought some more on line. And will continue to support. Thank you Kathryn.” by Kathryn Anderson

“From the moment your order is placed, the adventure begins. We love the personalised emails, supporting an Aussie business but most of all, their delicious products. We got hooked after sampling at an event and since moving interstate, we still love this team. Our particular fav is the Sticky Raspberry. Delicious!!” by Sarah Dee

“Love the pear balsamic goes perfect with mushrooms and rocket salad” by Toni Barton

“So much taste and flavours. This range has a balsamic for every food choice. I have had fun working my way through the range using them on sweet, savoury & meats. Will definitely be back for more. Great work and can see why you have won those medals. Xxx” by Juanita Heart

“I’m a big fan of balsamic and I have to say your stuff, is fantastic. It can literally stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of my collection, which cost about 10x the price.” by Darrell John

“Amazing products, Love Sticky Balsamic!” by Nandini Narayan

“Delicious, I just dressed a dandelion leaf salad with the sticky balsamic vinegar. Purchased the bottle at the last Werribee Park Summer Fruit Tree Festival.” by Ann Stevens

“Just bought 3 bottles of the original one for me and two for friends - it’s awesome as a marinade on steak, salads pop and I add it when I’m making red sauce super yummy” by Sharon Foster

“Sticky Balsamic Known from Travel to America. Taste, flavor, and bottle shape are all good It is sad that we cannot get it in Korea. I regret that I didn't buy a lot of them by type. I'm glad I can order and buy it in a fastball. Fig balsamic is delicious. Iove it” by Minjung Kim

“Love Sticky Balsamic added to so many of our meals. My latest order arrived today only ordered it on Sunday. Thank you so much and absolutely love the gift box they came in.” by Jacqui Barnard

“Bought a bottle at the Melbourne show and OMG, just ran out and have to order more.. Update: ordered 2 bottles on Sunday night, and they are on my doorstep by the Tuesday.” by Shelley Belle

“You guys are brilliant! Down to dregs. Order shipped with 30 mins of placing it. Now I’ve restocked I’ll not know which bottle to choose from.” by Natalie Shephard

“I absolutely LOVE Sticky Balsamic! They are so delicious and the variety of flavours is amazing! Would recommend these guys to anyone!” by Rachel Horne

“Delicious flavours and excellent service, order arrived today, ordered on Friday! Box sets come in a great package, would be perfect for presents. Pomegranate is my fav flavour “ by Natasha Hammond-Mara

“My order arrived so quickly I thought I would have to wait for at least 10 days only 5 max. Love it thanks Celia” by Celia Gregory

“I purchased the Pomegranate flavour - absolutely delicious !” by Kathy Pea

“Oh wow! I got ur Truffle Balsamic at the Deloraine craft fair. I want more! Where can I get it from in Tassie? It is truly Devine” by Tannia Williams

“So incredibly delicious. Thanks for coming to Deloraine in Tassie this week to share this amazing product.” by Jenny Newton

“We found Sticky Balsamic at the Adelaide Home Show yesterday and purchased the set of 4. We tried the lemon on Atlantic Salmon and it’s absolutely delicious. Highly recommended - we will definitely order again.” by Natasha Worden

“Omg the Pear is amazing” by DeeTim Webster

“Happiness is sticky balsamic on my salad” by Karin Vosmansky

“Fantastic confirmation email. Made us all laugh out loud! The online order arrived within two days, the website was easy to navigate and above all their Sticky Balsamic is amazing! Would highly recommend!” by Sarah Drake

“beautiful condiments made with passion and expertise. Love supporting family businesses as well. I use sticky balsamic on just about everything!. love it” by Anne Hulls

“Received our delivery in super quick time. Tried the apple for the first time. OMG we love it.” by Sharyn Hornsby

“We purchased the original and the apple balsamics at floriarde. They are the most amazing balsamic vinegars we have tried and rival some of the best we have eaten in fine restaurants. On meat, veges, Salad dressing, with sour dough, yummmmm. We have ordered more on line and found it easy and fast delivery. Great work to an aussie business.” by Joy Cooper

“I am practically drinking the fig flavor as I’m writing this comment. Best tasting balsamic I have ever encountered!!! I purchased from a local store here in the US and went back the following day to purchase the rest of what was on the shelf. You have gained a customer for life.” by Nedra Korkis

“Amazing product will be a favourite in our home” by Betts Merchant - Hollis

“purchased 5 bottles at Ekka unbelieveable” by Greg Bishop

“I love this stuff. I buy two every year at Melb Show but have ran out early this time, so I have just ordered two more online. No doubt I'II see you at showtime as well” by Bronwyn Ward

“Discovered sticky at Ainslee Market and bought the original . It is fo die for . Only had bottle one week and already it’s nearly finished . Beautiful poorer over steamed veggies . You need nothing else . Will be back for more .” by Dawn Power

“I have the Apple balsamic, I use it all the time on salads it’s delicious” by Julie Melling

“I have been looking for a white balsamic as traditional balsamic gives me a migraine. I found your product in Apollo Bay and it is delicious! Yummo!” by Michelle Rixon

“Big shout out to the Sticky Balsamic company. Have been a long time customer. Recently purchased the orange variety. Great with pork belly. Long story short, I had an issue with a damaged bottle. Spoke to a sales guy at the Portarlington Mussel Festival about it and he replaced it immediately. Many thanks” by Alisa Orford-Roberts

“Absolutely loves these. The Fig is our favourite” by Michelle Nelson

“This stuff is the bomb! Can't beat it. My kids love it, so does the whole family. A dedicated customer, can't wait to share it with others at Christmas” by Mon Balon

“I bought the lemon sticky balsamic at finders keepers in Brisbane. Had it on a chicken salad. Absolutely Devine I will be getting more” by Kate Hemingray

“I purchased a number of balsamic bottles at the Brisbane EKKA in August and absolutely love the truffle. My 5 year old loves the pear flavor!” by Jamal Leaf-Milham

“Got to Taste Test all of the Balsamics at the Country Fair held outside the MCG last Saturday. Absolutely amazing. Great flavors. Not sure if i can pick a favorite, i wasnt able to just buy one i got one of each! Love it!” by Heath Sandford

“love! so far Orange is my fav. hoping you'll some day export to the US!” by Barbara Kari

“Used a couple of the flavours on our pork roast tonight oh my god. Its taste so good.” by Kimberley Whinnen

“Great flavours tryed at Birregurra Festival and Art Show” by Frankie V Simovic

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews:

“Love this product its good for salad !! Very very recommend.” by Anaswibisono Wibisono (Shping 11/10/2020)

“Love this glaze! It’s thick enough to drizzle without being too sticky, and so versatile. I use it on salads, veges, cheese, even fruit” by Cheree Ellis (Shping 12/10/2020)

“Award winning gourmet balsamic dressing, perfect for salads” by Bence Mano Slemmer (Shping 18/9/2020)

“Sticky Balsamic is the hidden gem in your pantry that brings dishes to life With a range of foavours to suit everything from duck to dessert there is something here for every home cook.” by Iryandiko Aries (Shping 3/9/2020)

“I love to use it with salads and meat, it’s add very nice flavour to the food. Texture is very nice and absolutely love this product.” by Kristina Partasjuk (Shping 17/9/2020)

“High quality vinegar, authentic taste. Thick and glazey, perfect on a salad or some brushetta. Love marinating the chicken before cooking.” by Souhair Bou Kanj (Shping 13/9/2020)

“Awesome balsamic, smooth and tasty, goes well with salads.” by Peter Adouni (Shping 6/9/2020)

“Would highly recommend quality product.” by Olivia Harris (Shping 5/9/2020)

“A good product. It adds a good flavour to foods. Highly recommended.” by Lakshitha Rajamanthri (Shping 4/9/2020)

“A beautiful rich balsamic. Tastes great and fantastic value for money.” by Renae Cardarelli (Shping 4/9/2020)

“This balsamic vinegar is perfect to use as salad dressing. It adds extra flavour to just a simple bowl of salad.” by Breanne Dobbin (Shping 2/9/2020)

“This makes the best dressing, the consistency is great and can be further reduced with olive oil, tastes very authentic.” by Tara Haddad (Shping 1/9/2020)

“I definitely recommend this product. It’s taken a long time to find the perfect balsamic to use while cooking.” by Josephine Prince (Shping 7/10/2020)

“This balsamic is best used uncooked in salad dressings or with fruit.” by Jana Adouni (Shping 187/9/2020)

“I picked this product because it was tasty and different from other Balsamic sauces.” by Benson Xiang (17/9/2020)

“Love this brand of balsamic! Great with salad, dip into bread and any sort of dressing. Highly recommend.” by Rebecca Morris (Shping 18/9/2020)

“High quality balsamic vinegar. Thick and sticky, love applying some on chicken before i cook it. Strong flavour, gives a salad a boost of flavour.” by Souhair Bou Kanj (Shping 10/9/2020)

“It’s good and makes food tasty. no preservatives added. it’s suitable for vegans also.” by Sonia Arora (Shping 9/9/2020)

“The product is great but I hate the idea that it’s not widely available especially in my suburb at central coast and i like the idea that it’s widely used for lots of cooking ways.” by Elias Khazen (Shping 8/9/2020)

“A good product. I have been using it for long. Highly recommend.” by Lakshitha Rajamanthri (Shping 8/9/2020)

“This product is so great, so full of flavour. I love it on salads. Definitely recommend this to anyone.” by Amanda Armstrong (Shping 6/9/2020)

“I’m new to this product - it was recommended by a trusted friend. Fantastic to cook with, add to a salad dressing. Such a lovely texture and taste. Will buy again. Awesome value also. Very happy with the price and quality.” by Peta Perkins (Shping 4/9/2020)

“This is incredible. I love it. So full of flavour. Perfect on salads. It’s the only reaason I went to the Easter Show last year as they had a stall there. It’s that good!” by Natalie Love (Shping 1/9/2020)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews:

“This is a great tasting vinegar, perfect for when you have the family and friends visiting.” by Sarah Phillips (Shping 18/9/2020)

“This Sticky Balsamic Premium vinegar is very good and provide superior taste to your food.” by Jayavardhan A (Shping 17/9/2020)

“Little splash goes a long way. Great to support local business and product. Great for an easy salad dressing.” by Meg Donoghue (Shping 15/9/2020)

“This balsamic premium vinegar is very good for dressing salads and added extra flavour to it.” by Priya A (Shping 4/9/2020)

“Great variety of flavours. Makes your dishes taste unique.” by L (Shping 15/9/2020)

“A huge variety of flavours. Really brings the dishes to life. Highly satisfied.” by Len RS (Shping 14/9/2020)

“This sticky balsamic brings out all the great flavours in a salad and it is also vegan friendly.” by Robyn Cassidy-Fitzpatrick (Shping 13/9/2020)

“This balsamic original sauce is very good taste with meat and salads.” by Jayavardhan A (Shping 13/9/2020)

“Price is good, add it to your salad or cook with it. Good quality product.” by IBS IBS (Shping 7/9/2020)

“This sticky sauce is very good flavour added to meat.” Priya A (Shping 2/9/2020)

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Reviews:

“Has strong flavour and smell. works well in dishes. bit pricey.” by Jessica Fiwyn (Shping 13/9/2020)