Watermelon & Goat's Cheese

Watermelon & Goat's Cheese

Such a simple thing to have watermelon - everyone loves it and you can make it so fancy really easily!


Round watermelon pieces (one per person)
Goat's Cheese
Crushed walnuts
Sticky Balsamic Original
Sticky Balsamic Premium Pomegranate Pearls
Basil leaves (as a garnish)


1. Place the watermelon pieces on a plate.
2. Top with goat's cheese and the crushed walnuts 
3. Drizzle over Sticky Balsamic Original and top with Sticky Balsamic Premium 4. Pomegranate Pearls.
5. Garnish with basil leaves

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😁😋that ‘s yummy also thank you for sharing your recipes love em 😊👌👋😊


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