Tasty Lunch or Dinner Bowl

Tasty Lunch or Dinner Bowl

Who has time to make dinner every night? Not us, that's for sure. Here's a simple way of easily using up those leftovers in a tasty and nutritious way that everyone will love (especially the kids as they can choose how much of each they want!).


Leftover meat / tofu / other protein
Chopped veggies - we had lettuce, cucumber, tomato, corn (although I forgot to add the lettuce for the photo...)
Grated cheese
Sticky Balsamic Pearls (we used Pomegranate as we wanted that lovely acidic kick)
Sticky Balsamic Premium Raspberry (we wanted that acidic kick from this to partner with the pearls)


Place as much of rice, veggies and meat in the bowl as you wish
Drizzle over some Sticky Balsamic Premium Raspberry and mix. Then add your Sticky Balsamic Pearls.


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