Oysters and Sticky Balsamic Pearls

Oysters and Sticky Balsamic Pearls

Who loves oysters? WE DO!

Who loves how easy they are to prepare? WE DO!

The most simple and easy way to eat oysters is fresh, and with one other ingredient. Two ingredients and you're on to a sure-fire winner! Enjoy!


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Ive just seen this post and been doing my own oyster recipe for a while prior seeing this post. Its now a go-to entree for us whenever were feeling rich enough to buy 3 dozen :-’) To be honest anything comprised of “fresh” is amazing on the taste buds, add these balsamic balls and OMG.
My Oyster mix generally has 3 ish pieces of each of the following, not too busy but a sprinkle of :- thin sliced shallots or chives, finely chopped red capsicum, chopped parsley, a light grind of sea salt/pepper mix, spoon on 2-3 balsamic balls, a drizzle of some leftover oil from our favorite Meredith Goat Cheese (Thats always on another plate with some homemade prosuitorini ) , lastly add a nice squeeze of lime over that. Wish i could add a pic but just to further say , the recipe is not the same without the extra surprise burst of sticky balsamic,
…it just works , thanks guys for making these available on the market !!

Craig Garland

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