Garden Salad with Sticky Balsamic

Garden Salad with Sticky Balsamic

Winter is a fantastic time for getting that warm blanket, hot mug of tea / coffee / chai / hot chocolate, and for meals, to have a delicious garden salad, ideally with food you have grown yourself, or whatever you find that is in season.

Having a garden over winter (or any time, really!) is great as the weeds grow slowly, and are easy to pull out. You can even grow veggies in pots if you don’t have the opportunity for a garden.

Here’s something we made recently by seeing what was in the garden, and it tasted delicious!

Ingredients & Method:

(all veggies are in handfuls, as nothing was measured):

1. Cook 1 cup of tri-colour quinoa and let cool

2. Finely chop some cabbage, broccoli, rocket, lettuce, spring onion, radish, spinach, miners lettuce, peasMix together with some freshly ground salt & pepper, a dash of red grape vinegar, and a drizzle of Sticky Balsamic Premium Pomegranate (Sticky Balsamic Premium Raspberry, Sticky Balsamic White, and Sticky Balsamic Premium Reserve would also go really well with this recipe - but try the one you have in your cupboard too!)

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