Deconstructed Basic Caprese Salad

Deconstructed Basic Caprese Salad

Here's a delicious recipe that I had for lunch just the other day - I had just baked a loaf of sourdough that had cooled a bit, we still have a glut of tomatoes, and I found some mini mozzarella balls in the fridge and voila - a delicious lunch!


  • Home made sourdough (I love mine toasted)

  • Home grown tomatoes

  • Mini Mozzarella balls

  • Sticky Balsamic Pearls

  • Salt & Pepper


1. Slice the bread and toast if you like.

2. Wash and chop the tomatoes and cheese.

3. Position the bread, add the chopped tomatoes then cheese.

4. Add Sticky Balsamic Pearls (I used Premium Fig for this as I wanted that delicious sweetness) and also add some of the balsamic from the jar to soak into the bread.

5. Top with some salt & pepper to taste.

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