Sticky Balsamic - the vinegar to use with everything!

Sticky Balsamic - the vinegar to use with everything!

Sticky Balsamic crafts fruit-infused balsamic vinegars. The brand is very highly awarded with 23 awarded in 2018 including gold medals in the Australian Food Awards, Sydney Royal Fine Food and Hobart Fine Food Awards. Watch this brand to see what happens during 2019…

There are so many ways to use Sticky Balsamic, and there are some tasty suggestions below (see our recipe page for some more inspiration):

  • Vegetables - add some Sticky Balsamic Original to steamed vegetables just prior to serving to give an incredible taste;

  • Cheese platters - try Sticky Balsamic Original or Premium Fig instead of a quince paste;

  • Meats:

  • Bolognaise and meatballs - use a tablespoon or two of Sticky Balsamic Original to provide that extra special flavour - everyone will be wanting to learn what your secret ingredient is;

  • Dessert:

    • drizzle your favourite Sticky Balsamic variety over a fruit salad;

    • strawberries dipped in Sticky Balsamic Original or Premium Fig by themselves is a taste sensation you don’t want to miss;

    • ice cream and fresh berries drizzled with Sticky Balsamic is so incredibly delicious;

    • roast some strawberries or figs with Sticky Balsamic Original or Fig, and eat with ice cream. You can also add these to some cereal or porridge for an incredible taste sensation)

  • Pizza - drizzle your Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig or Original over a gourmet pizza immediately prior to serving for an incredible flavour

  • Breakfast:

    • Poached eggs and smashed avocado on fresh sourdough drizzled with Sticky Balsamic is incredible;

    • Cereal or porridge with roasted strawberries or figs is such a delicious addition to your breakfast

    • Pancakes or crepes with fresh fruit drizzled with Sticky Balsamic tastes amazing;

There are so many incredible, simple ways to make a cook feel like a chef. Try using Sticky Balsamic in a way you never have before, we know you’ll love the results!

And don’t forget to let us know how you used it by tagging us with #stickybalsamic on Instagram, or tagging us on Facebook or Pinterest. We love seeing your creations.

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