Sticky Balsamic and Louisa Jones Photography

We've had many comments on our fabulous images that we have and we wanted to share with you how they came about.

Louisa Jones is a local Geelong photographer, who has a significant amount of experience across a wide range of photography styles and events. She is a very accomplished photographer with an eye for capturing the feeling and emotion of the moment, especially when doing family portraiture, weddings and other major events. Louisa is also excellent at capturing the essence of an image, and making products look incredible, as she has done with Sticky Balsamic.

We decided to ask Louisa to take photographs of Sticky Balsamic due to the artistry she exhibits. We had great belief based on what we have seen previously, that Louisa could breathe the perfect amount of life and beauty into images of our products, and she has definitely lived up to the task! All of the images with Sticky Balsamic in them on our website and materials have been taken by Louisa, and we could not be happier with the result. She has shown great professionalism and has always provided images very quickly to us, which is wonderful.

We couldn't imaging working with another photographer, as Louisa is the ultimate professional, whilst remaining approachable and friendly.

Thanks so much Louisa, for taking photos of Sticky Balsamic, we truly appreciate you and your artistry.

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