The Newest Molecular Gastronomy Sensation in the USA

Have you heard about Sticky Balsamic Pearls?

They are the newest gastronomic sensation to come out of Australia, which are sweeping the world and are the easiest way to make food look even more beautiful and taste even better.

Sticky Balsamic Pearls are an easy way to enhance your store's offering and with the many options available, there is a solution that is right for your shop.

Sticky Balsamic Pearls contain our multi-medal winning balsamic on the inside and a tasteless, edible casing so that the diner experiences an incredible flavour burst when it pops in the mouth.

This provides a delightfully unique experience for your customers, and one they will love, returning to your store to purchase again.

Available in boxes of 8 units, or a retail shelf-ready box

Sticky Balsamic Pearls Varieties

Sticky Balsamic Pearls

Sticky Balsamic Lemon Pearls

use Sticky Balsamic Lemon Pearls with seafood, salads, fruit, drinks, porridge with stewed rhubarb, ice cream, avocado, asparagus risotto

Sticky Balsamic Original Pearls

use Sticky Balsamic Original Pearls with eggs for breakfast, cheese plates, red meats, salads, fruit, a cheeky drink, platters, risotto, pasta, oysters

Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig Pearls

use Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig Pearls with salads, ice cream & berries, red meat (especially lamb), cocktails (or your choice of drink), cheese and charcuterie plates, breakfast with overnight oats or a chia bowl, pasta

Sticky Balsamic Premium Pomegranate Pearls

use Sticky Balsamic Premium Pomegranate Pearls with chia for breakfast, prawns and seafood, all kinds of delicious drinks, with fruit salads, eggs and avocado for breakfast, pasta with seafood, oysters

Sticky Balsamic Premium Quince Pearls

use Sticky Balsamic Premium Quince Pearls with cheese and charcuterie platters, salads, white meats, ice cream, drinks

Sticky Balsamic Premium Truffle Pearls

use Sticky Balsamic Premium Truffle Pearls with white and red (instead of a gravy) meats, anything with blue cheese (cheese plates, charcuterie plates, salads, pizza’s), salads, mushrooms and eggs for breakfast, mushroom pasta or risotto... pretty much anything that you feel needs that incredible truffle flavour!

Retail Shelf-Ready Box

The Shelf-Ready Tear-Down box contains 12 units of each of the varieties (72 units).
Dimensions are 6.9 x 12 x 18.1 inches.

This is the perfect eye-catching way to display Sticky Balsamic Pearls in store. Easily topped up with boxes of 8 available as they sell.

This shelf-ready tear-down box contains 12 of each variety. Easy to set up and display.

The box is shipped inside a cardboard shipper. Simply open and place on a shelf.

The box contains 12 of each variety of delicious Sticky Balsamic Pearls.

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