Sticky Balsamic Glaze. Delicious. Rich. Luxurious.

Balsamic Glaze… right! We can definitely help you with this! Sticky Balsamic is Australia’s most awarded balsamic glaze company so you’re in the right place to buy this delicious condiment!

Balsamic glaze, balsamic vinegar glaze, balsamic glaze dressing, or even simply Sticky Balsamic Glaze - these are all the same thing.

Sticky Balsamic Glaze is handcrafted with only the finest ingredients, proudly right here in Australia - regional Victoria, to be precise :)

If you’re looking for that special finishing balsamic vinegar glaze that is routinely used in restaurants, by foodies and others in the know, you’ll love Sticky Balsamic glaze. It’s gloriously rich and decadent, luxurious, delicious and artisan. Perfect to help the home cook feel like a chef!

You’ll find yourself reaching for your favourite balsamic glaze dressing - Sticky Balsamic - as your go-to in the pantry to make your food taste even better easily!

Now, I hear you asking, but how do I use a balsamic vinegar glaze? Well, you can use it as a balsamic glaze dressing - add a drizzle on top of salads, steamed green veggies, and meats as well! You can also use it with desserts (a dash of Sticky Balsamic vinegar glaze on top of some ice cream and berries is just divine) and drizzling some over creamy desserts (like pavlova) is just amazing. Try some with a cheese platter to highlight those gorgeous flavours, and of course, they work brilliantly as an ingredient in a cheeky cocktail too! And never forget how good breakfast tastes with some balsamic glaze dressing as well - smashed avocado with a poached egg, perhaps some bacon or salmon, and toasted sourdough bread - Sticky Balsamic Glaze is all you need to take your food to the next level!

Whether you are creating a savoury or sweet dish, you’ll love the extra taste that Sticky Balsamic Glaze provides to each one of your favourite meals.

Sticky Balsamic handcrafts twelve different varieties of balsamic glaze, and some of your favourites include:
* Sticky Balsamic Original - Delicious and luxurious, excellent with salads (of course!) red meats, drizzled over ice cream and berries, desserts and cheese plates!
* Sticky Balsamic Premium Fig - This variety is crafted with whole figs and is the perfect variety to use with salads, especially salads including rocket, use with red meats and prosciutto, it’s amazing with desserts and also a charcuterie platter
* Sticky Balsamic Premium Pomegranate - This is our most recently released variety which has gone off like nothing else! It has an incredible pomegranate tanginess which everyone loves. Perfect to use with seafood (particularly crustaceans), as well as white meat and salads (of course!). Use with food that you need that glorious thick sweetness and a little bit of tartness too…
* Sticky Balsamic Premium Truffle - This variety is what you need in your life if, like us, you love all things truffle! Your food will taste even more amazing with some of this drizzled over some sourdough with some poached eggs in the morning, or drizzled over risotto or pasta. It is also incredible when making a blue cheese and walnut salad. Yum!

Click here to see some wonderful recipes, and the link to the online shop is here - Sticky Balsamic Online Shop.

So there you have it - Sticky Balsamic Vinegar Glaze - you’ll want to shout it from the rooftops to let everyone know.